Script Analysis & Development


If you have a screenplay that needs some polishing or further development...we can help!
The most important element of any film project is the screenplay.  The foundation of the project.  The script  development phase is often neglected in studio and independent productions and is the top reason why many projects fail.
At CPG we provide attention and analysis to maximize and streamline your project's creative and commercial potential to investors.

As a master of film writing and script development, John is our in-house script consultant, or as we like to call him our "Script Doctor." With his years of expertise, he has worked with writers and producers evaluating their scripts and making them into a viable commodity to attract Film and TV financiers.

Our own script writer John E. Rock has written for every aspect of media including Radio, TV, Off-Broadway, Documentary and Feature Film.                                                           Please contact to have your script reviewed!


Below is a Cheat Sheet to assist you with the proper outline of a film script according to Hollywood standards.