CPG, the parent company of 35 year Complete Casting & Production Services, was formed to answer the questions; Do I have the right cast?  Am I complying with all SAG-AFTRA rules under my contract?  Am I paying my cast and crew in accordance with Federal, State and Local Laws?  Am I paying my talents Pension & Health on time?  Am I overpaying for talent, shooting locations, permits, etc.?

Complete Production Group can sign on to your project as the "Producer of Record" or "Signatory" and work with you to ensure a successful and mishap free project.  You can utilize one of our services or hire us for the full gamut, your choice.

A SAG-AFTRA Producer of Record is the title of a Signatory.  A Union Signatory is a company or entity who has a good standing relationship with SAG-AFTRA and has signed a specific contract that entitles them to sign on to a project, making it a Union project.

As a Union Signatory, we unsure that all contracts and documentation are filed correctly and in a timely manner, every step of the way.  We oversee that all SAG-AFTRA requirements are being met and with our Talent Payroll Service, make sure all talent and crew and being compensated and all Pension & Health Contributions are being reported in a timely manner as per the union contract.  We step in as mediators should an issue arrise and will advise you of potential pitfalls along the way.  We pride ourselves on saving you money in the long run with a smooth, worry-free production.

Thats fine with us!  We have clients that do this all the time.  We can act as the Employer of Record for your project and pay your talent and/or crew on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  We can pay them as a W-2, 1099 or as a Corporation or L.L.C.  Using our Talent Payroll Service ensures that your talent will be paid on time and will be filed correctly on your behalf.

This can be done, however, it is not recommended.  When CPG signs on to a project as a signatory, we are contractually responsible that all Union rules and regulations will be executed during the lifeline of the project.  One of which is that all talent is to be paid and all Pension & Health Contributions recorded every following Friday of the work week.  It's always better to let us to handle this through our automated system to avoid fines and work stoppage.  However, CPG can always work with you and your budget to make it work or we can take necessary steps in order for you to personally pay your own talent.

Sometimes.  Every situation is different, and we can often help on completed projects but there is an additional charge to do so.

To process payroll for a SAG performer we need: Union Start/Close form, W-4 form, I-9 form, copy of SAG performer contract, and W-9 form.  We need articles for corporations; agent check authorization form and actors weekly time report.  We do not require exhibit G’s.

This is an easy process - information on criteria for earning entrance into SAG/AFTRA is available in their new members section.  In addition, at the time of joining, a performer must pay an initiation fee plus the first half of his/her annual dues for that year.  For additional help on this process feel free to contact us here.